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Abstract Submission

Students are invited to submit the extended abstracts of their current research being undertaken by 29 September 2017, see the call for abstracts for the list of topics.

Extended abstracts should be at most 2-pages in length, including diagrams, figures, tables, etc. submissions will undergo a review process where all accepted abstracts will be included in AIRS 17 Symphonium the respective authors will be required to give a 20-minute presentation during the seminar.

All extended abstracts should be submitted by email to

The subject heading of the email should be trackid_authorname_shorttitle. 

The naming convention for the document should be trackid_authorname_shorttitle.docx

e.g. km_NurIlyana_KnowledgeIntegration.docx

Track ids are as follows: SIS (Strategic Information System), KM (knowledge management), BD (big data management), GD (Green Technology and Sustainability) and ICT (ICT Governance)

The template for the abstract can be downloaded here

For any inquiries regarding submissions, please send an email to

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