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Keynote Address

Professor Dr. Rusli Abdullah
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, UPM

"Writing and publishing information system research papers in impact journal."


Writing and publishing a research output in a form of paper such as journal article is very important requirement for researcher. However, there are many difficulties faced by researchers in writing and publishing their research papers especially in the field of information system in high impact journal. Therefore, this presentation aims at highlighting the most important aspects and useful tips when writing for high impact journal and making sure it will be accepted for publishing. The presentation will also about sharing some of the important processes involved in evaluating the research paper towards successful publishing.

Liana Jacinta Jaganathan
MYREN Program Manager

Graduated from Multimedia University (MMU), Malaysia in Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) in Computer Engineering, and with an MBA from the same university, Liana Jacinta is currently the MYREN Program Manager. She is responsible for the management and organization of MYREN activities and its community.  

Liana has been with MYREN since its birth in 2005 and has since progressed from a network engineer to a program manager till date. She particularly takes interest in organizing various awareness programs for MYREN in terms of technical talks, seminars, conferences and trainings for both the academic and research community in a variety of research related topics. She’s part of the CONNECT-ASIA network that promotes ICT and collaborations over the research network. Liana also oversees the existing 11 working groups and nurtures potentials research areas to be part of MYREN to collaborate locally and globally.  Liana too has close engagements with TEIN partners, our international connectivity provider as well others international collaborators nation-wide.

Dr. Zoharah Omar
Faculty of Educational Studies, UPM

Dr. Zoharah Omar is a Senior Lecturer at the Dept. of Professional Development & Continuing Education, Faculty of Educational Studies Universiti Putra Malaysia. She holds a PhD in Psychology specializing in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. She teaches courses on data interpretation and analysis and research methodology at undergraduate and post graduate level and conducts workshops on SEM using AMOS workshops. She has strong interest in the use and applications of SEM and has attended workshops in Malaysia on SEM, and has undergone a two weeks course on SEM organized by the Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research (ASCPRI) in Brisbane, Australia.

"Seminar on Data Analysis and Interpretation"

1. Basics of Data Analysis and Interpretation    
    a) Choosing the right statistical test    
2. Preliminary issues in data analysis
    a) Instrument        
        i) Scaling/Response Format        
        ii) Reverse Item (Negatively worded item)
        iii) Testing the instrument reliability and validity    
   b) Data Transformation        
       i) Computing/Transforming scores        
       ii) Normal distribution and dealing with data that are not normally distribtuted
3. Interpreting results    
    a) Statistical significance vs effect size    
    b) Reporting findings and making conclusions
4. Introducing advanced statistical technique – the third variable factor    
    a) Testing Mediation effect    
    b) Testing Moderating effect

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