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Paper Format:
Only full papers will be accepted.

Full paper: Microsoft Word, A4 size, Times New Roman, single spacing.

Format: Title Font size 12, Author's name Font 11, Abstract Font 10, Normal Font 11.

Page number: Middle bottom

Number of pages: 6-7 pages. Margin: Top=1.8cm, Bottom=1.8cm, Left=2.5cm, Right=1.8cm.

GREduc2018 Full Paper Template can be downloaded from the Download Menu.

All students are required to submit their full papers to Turnitin and get the Turnitin report before they submit their full papers to GREduc 2018 Seminar.

They are also required to submit the Turnitin report along with the full paper.

Papers with elements of PLAGIARISM (above 20%) from the Turnitin report will be rejected.

Please click on this link to learn how to complete a Turnitin report (

Students need to seek approval from your supervisors/academic advisors/lecturers before submitting your papers to GREduc 2018 Seminar. Papers that do not meet the requirements of the paper format will also be rejected.

All accepted papers will be published in the form of printed proceedings with ISBN. Proceedings will be published in the Malay Language (for papers written in the Malay Language) and also in English (for papers written in English). Papers will only be published when they are written in an acceptable standard of Malay/English language.

Top three papers from
GREduc 2018 Seminar will be awarded with certificates and cash prizes.

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